The Sound Mind — Journal of the Reformed Christian Faith

This is a blog containing excellent resources relating to the Charismatic movement, the sovereignty of God, and Holy Scripture.


The Ultimate Cessationism Resource (

Nathan W. Bingham’s web page “linking to books, audio, and articles that affirm a Cessationist position concerning spiritual gifts.”


Counterfeit Miracles by B.B. Warfield (ebook)

Free ebook (web pages of each chapter), produced in this format by A. Allison Lewis.


Pyromaniacs blog

The excellent and entertaining blog of Phil Johnson, Dan Phillips, Frank Turk and “Pecadillo”. Categories relevant to Charismaticism include:


Former Charismatic blog

A blog by Connie. God led her out of the Charismatic movement to the reformed faith.


Joni and Friends

Joni Eareckson Tada suffered a serious accident while diving in her late teens, and God used this in order to sterngthen her faith. God is now using Joni “and friends” to strengthen the faith of millions, and to witness to millions of people around the world. In her 1976 autobiography, Joni, she tells of her struggle against quadriplegia and depression, and how God blessed her. Over the next several decade Joni wrote two more books, making an autobiographical trilogy. In the second book, A Step Further, Joni wrote about her encounter with charismatics who told her that it was God’s will to heal her; and that if she didn’t get healed then it was because she didn’t have enough faith. Joni is an accomplished mouth artist, a holder of seven honorary doctorates and various awards, an author of over fifty books, founder of Joni and Friends (JAF), a Christian ministry to disabled people and their families, which has now grown into JAF International Disability Center.


Malcolm Bowden

Malcolm Bowden has a useful series of essays on Charismaticism. He himself had attended a Pentecostal church for two years.


Brian Schwertley on Pentecostalism and Spiritual Gifts

Rev. Brian Schwertley, pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Waupaca County, Wisconsin, USA, was a Pentecostal before God led him to the reformed faith. Visit the Brian Schwertley page on this website for links to his MP3s; or visit his own website for links to his two series of articles on Pentecostalism and Spiritual Gifts.


Doctrine Matters

Kurt Hutchison says of himself, “I was a Charismatic for 15 years and a strong word-of-faither for the last year or so. It was the extreme teachings of the word-of-faith movement that eventually caused me to exit the movement altogether.” (From Confessions of an Ex-Charismatic.) Kurt has compiled a Handy Guide to False Charismatic Christian Teachings.

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