To Be Continued?

(Subtitled: Are the Miraculous Gifts for Today?)

By Samuel E. Waldron

To Be Continued...? by Samuel E. Waldron

Published by P&R Publishing.

Available here.

Sam Waldron is a pastor at Heritage Baptist Church, Owensboro, Kentucky, USA.

From the back cover

Tongues! Signs! Wonders! Are they operative in the church today? Samuel E. Waldron builds a systematic case for the complete cessation of the miraculous gifts as well as the offices of apostle and prophet. Building an insurmountable argument step by step, he shows that the Bible is quite clear on this issue. If you are struggling to come to grips with what the Bible says on this most important and oftentimes confusing topic, then this book is essential reading.

There is a review by Tim Challies on the Amazon page (link: see above). Tim also reports on his interview with Sam Waldron here:

Part One:

Part Two:



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