Dr. Alan Cairns


Dr. Alan Cairns served for 25 years as pastor of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina, USA, before retiring and being named Pastor Emeritus in 2007. Prior to coming to the United States, he pastored Free Presbyterian churches in Dunmurry and Ballymoney, in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Dr. Cairns also held the position Professor of Theology in the Whitefield College of the Bible in Northern Ireland and lectured in what is now Geneva Reformed Seminary in Greenville. As both an author and expositor, Dr. Cairns is revered for his Christ-centered focus and gifts of scriptural insight. (Short biography from Dr Cairn’s SermonAudio page.)

Dr Cairns’s sermons also feature on Let the Bible Speak, the radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America. These radio broadcasts are also available as MP3 downloads at SermonAudio.



Q&A: Are there true prophets in the church today? (January 2009)

Are There Prophets in the Church Today? (July 2009)

Another False Prophet Bites the Dust (June 2008)



Is the Gift of Tongues Available Today? (June 2009)

When Was the Gift of Tongues to Cease? (June 2009)

{ Sermon series: The Counterfeit Gift of Tongues (1 of 2) (February 2008)

The Counterfeit Gift of Tongues (2 of 2) – Teaching of 1 Corinthians (March 2008) }

Is the gift of tongues available today? (December 2008)

When was the gift of tongues to cease? (January 2009)

Q&A: Of Tongues at Pentecost (March 2001)

Commentary: Southern Baptists Struggle With Tongues (April 2006)



Are There Apostles in the Church Today? (June 2009)

Are There Apostles in the Church Today? (October 2009)

Sermon Series: The Apostles (13 sermons, starting in January 1992)

Sermon series: The Life of the Apostle Paul (39 sermons, starting in January 1995)



What about the gift of healing? (January 2009)

What About the Gift of Healing? (June 2009)

Why Does God Allow Suffering? (September 2009)


The Holy Spirit

Sermon series: The Holy Spirit (37 sermons, starting in June 1986)



Revival (August 1978)

Indications of Revival (November 1989)

Institution of Revival (December 1989)

The Elements of True Revival (April 1997)

Prayer For Revival (June 1997)

Why Revival Tarries (August 2006)

What is revival? (September 2009)

Are there any dangers in praying for revival? (October 2009)

What Is Revival? (October 2009)


Christian Living

A Spiritual, Stable, and Special People (April 1983)

Product of Salvation: Spiritual People (April 1983)

Victorious Christian Living (January 1986)

Sermon series: Four Steps in Spiritual Warfare (4 sermons, starting in January 1990)

Glorifying The Lord By Spiritual Growth (July 1994)

Sermon series: The Essentials Of Grace For Vibrant Christian Living (2 sermons, starting in August 1994)

God’s Condition For Spiritual Blessing (October 1994)

Three Gifts of the Ascended Christ (June 2005)


Special series: Reformation month 2005

The Reversal of the Reformation (October 2005)

The Charismatic Corruption of Protestantism (October 2005)

The Evangelical Cave-in (October 2005)


The Emerging Church movement

The Emergent Church (April 2007)

Is the emerging church dangerous? (May 2009)

Is the Emerging Church Dangerous? (June 2009)

Is the Emerging Church Dangerous? (October 2009)


Various Charismatic Leaders

Joel Osteen (May 2007)

Joel Osteen’s Gospel of Positive Thinking (November 2007)

Joyce Meyers’ Charismatic Heresy (April 2008)

Benny Hinn – Charlatan or Man of God? (November 2009)



True Pentecostalism (December 2006)

Charismatic Brainwashing of Kids (May 2007)

Kids Reject MTV-Style Religion (May 2007)

Keswick Theology (June 2007)

Believers investing in the gospel of getting rich (September 2009)

The Manga Bible Mangles God’s Word (March 2008)


Women Pastors

Can Women be pastors? (October 2009)

Can Women Be Pastors? (November 2009)


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