Are we believers or eyewitnesses? Part 2

PDF for downloading here: Are we believers or eyewitnesses 2

The faith healers have almost got us to lose our birthright and blessings as believers. Little do men of this generation realise that they are believers of the gospel, and not eyewitnesses of it. Little do they know that blessed are those who believe without seeing (Luke 24:). We are believers and at that we are blessed than the whole apostles, including Paul himself. They believed the gospel because they saw the risen Lord and the live miracles given to prove their ministry, but we have believed without seeing the risen Lord, yea, even without seeing any miracles.

It takes greater faith to believe what you did not see; it takes greater faith to receive what your natural senses did not and could not prove. We who are believers have got greater faith than the whole Apostles put together, and nothing could be more than that!

Peter, James, John, and Paul believed because they saw, but we have believed without seeing; which of these involved a greater faith? Is it not we who have believed without seeing?

Peter would never have believed had not the Lord appeared to him after his resurrection. Paul would never have laid down his sword of persecution against the disciples had not a mighty power struck him down on the way to Damascus. We in this age have believed and laid down our sword not because we saw the risen Lord nor because a bright light knocked us off our chariot. We have believed because we have been given greater faith than them. The Apostles were eyewitnesses and thereby men of little faith; we are believers and men of greater faith! They believed on the plane of sight and what their natural senses could fathom, we have believed on the plane of faith without judging God’s word by our natural senses. They saw the miracle of the open tomb but the only miracle we have seen is the written record, and in heaven we will be more blessed than they because Jesus said it (John 20:29). But the faith healers and Charismatics would not have it so. They want to see Jesus before they believe. They need miracles and signs to confirm their faith, and this their errors has given birth to a lot of lies and propaganda as one says he saw Jesus, another says he saw the Father, and another yet sees the Holy Ghost. They see lies because they are looking for something to see, and they will keep seeing vanities because they fail to see the only thing they ought to see, and that is, that we are believers and not eye-witnesses. We are not to see the open tomb but the written record. For more light on this topic see the articles are we believers or eyewitnesses(, and believe it or not, no charismatic has ever seen Jesus(

When you see someone propagating the 21st Century heresy of seeing the risen Lord, be bold enough to tell them that no matter what they do, they cannot be eyewitnesses of the gospel nor of the risen Lord. Tell them that the eyewitnesses have given us their record and if they will to be saved they had better renounce those false claims and humble themselves to be believers else they perish.

Since I left the Pentecostal/Charismatic religion, I’m content being a believer and not an eyewitness, for believers are the more blessed than the eyewitnesses. Thank you Lord for giving me faith to believe the gospel, Amen.


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