Abuoma, be very careful with the Baptists or you will lose your salvation!

As I was preparing some articles for my blog, a very remarkable incident flashed through my mind and I decided to publish it here so that some of you can read it and wonder at the lunacy of the human race.

PDF version here for downloading: Be very careful with the Baptists

On Wednesday, 12th November, 2014, I was going for a conference in the Reformed Baptist Church at Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, when I ran into one of my menthors in the Pentecostal who I served for about 2 years, assisting him and going to programmes with him. He didn’t know of my conversion yet, because it had been long we saw each other, and he didn’t know the things that had transpired in my life of recent. He was a well known Evangelist in the whole of Eastern Nigeria and had been in ministry for over 36 years. Recently, he went to South Africa to establish a branch of his ministry there.

When he saw me, we exchanged greetings and asked about each other’s welfare. Then he asked me, “You are travelling, do you have a Crusade somewhere or are you going for a deliverance service?” I told him I was going for a 4-day conference in a Baptist church. Before I had finished pronouncing the words “bap-tis-t… chur-chy”, he shouted at me.

Baptist church? To do what?”

Well, they invited me to join them in the conference and they should be expecting me by now.”

Baptist church? Do you know who the Baptists are? Are they in Nigeria? What have you got to do with them?”

Well, I have been fellowshiping with them for some time now; as a matter of fact, this is the third time I am attending their programs?

Jesus Christ! This is very serious!” Then he paused for a while and continued, “Abuoma, if not that you have already promised them that you are coming, I would have asked you to turn back right now and forget about that conference or whatever you called it. The Baptists are very dangerous people and they deny the existence of the Holy Ghost. If they get hold of you, you are lost. They will brainwash you, and you will not know anything in the New Testament again!”

All the while he was saying this, I was praying in my heart that a taxi might come quickly and pick me off because I didn’t want to engage in another profitless hours of debate which only ends with strife. i have already had one with a so-called Evangelist in my neighbourhood before I left. Moreover, this was a man approaching his sixties: he was old enough to be my father, and I had being a “boy” and served him in the ministry for almost two years. Engaging him in a debate would look insulting. My eyes was on the road to catch the next cab that would come my way. It was as if he knew I was not interested in his advice, so he took me aside to talk sense into me.

Abuoma, you are still a child in the ministry, so I would advice you not to fellowship with the Baptists because you will end up losing your salvation. Listen, let me tell you what you don’t know about the Baptists. I came around them when I was in Germany and only God delivered me from falling prey to them. Recently, when I travelled to South Africa for a Crusade, they really gave us tough time. They preached against us that we are deceiving people and that our miracles were not real. They do not believe in speaking in tongues, visions, deliverance, demons, and they go as far as denying the Holy Ghost. That is why the Pentecostals reject them and count them among the Roman Catholics. They are generally called Orthodox because they do not believe in the Person of the Holy Spirit. I would advice you stop attending their meetings. Those people are strange, cultish and dangerous”.

No problem, I will be very careful. I have to get going before I miss today’s session of the conference”.

Abuoma, be very careful with the Baptists. You will lose your salvation! They are Orthodox and the reject the Holy Ghost. They are no better than the Roman Catholics and the Jehovah Witnesses…”

Just in time, God answered my prayer and a taxi came along!

Okay sir, I will go with this taxi. When I come back I will visit. I didn’t know you have been in town all these days…”, and zoom…I went into the taxi.

I was very thankful to God I didn’t enter into a debate with him because, honestly, I would have ended up disgracing myself, and the whole atmosphere would have been filled with strife!

As I sat in the taxi, I kept recalling the word “Orthodox” to mind so I won’t forget it. Every other thing he said made no sense to me because I already know the foolish charges brought against the Baptists by the Pentecostals. I was already familiar with most of them through reading Kenneth Hagin’s and Benny Hinn’s books. I know what he meant when he said Baptists do not believe in the Holy Ghost. Being a happy Baptist now, I know that Baptists believe in the deity and ministry of the Holy Ghost which is mainly to regenerate the elect, illuminate their minds, bring them into vital union with Christ, strengthen them to bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit(Love, joy, peace, patience, long-suffering, etc.), grant them perseverance grace, convicting them of sins, and helping them to mortify its lusts; only that Baptists reject the foolish and ignorant practices of the Pentecostals. As I sat in the taxi and recalled what this man acted, I just laughed and laughed to myself in the taxi. I believe the other passengers noticed it as well! But the word “orthodox” didn’t leave my mind. I brought out my phone and saved the word “Orthodox” in my phone so that I would check it up in the dictionary later. I had come across that word several times but I just ignored it, not knowing what it meant, but now, I will check it up as soon as I get to Port-Harcourt.

I got to Port-Harcourt after about 4 hours journey, and by the time I got to the church, the second speaker had already finished. I was lucky to meet them in the middle of the third session. The third speaker was speaking on the “The Foreknowledge of God”, and I was richly blessed. Yet all the while the word “orthodox” kept ringing in my ears. The service finished around 9 PM and I was too weak to check the dictionary, so I went straight to my room and slept. I woke up the next day with these words ringing in my ears, Abuoma, be very careful with the Baptists. You will lose your salvation! They are Orthodox and the reject the Holy Ghost. They are no better than the Roman Catholics and even the Jehovah witnesses…” I stood up, rushed to take my bathe. Coming out from the Bathroom an irresistible dish was waiting for me in my room! So I forgot the dictionary and first downloaded the irresistible dish! I am sure I forgot to bless the meal before eating.

As soon as I finished eating, I was about to go ask the Pastor’s son to get me his dictionary when a brother came in to inform me that I would be speaking first for today, and that I am expected to mount the pulpit within the next 10 minutes. I forgot about the dictionary and ran back to get my sermon note where I had written down my speech. My path was to share with the congregation on the deceptive practices of the Pentecostals…I mounted the pulpit and edified the people. I had to wait till the end of the whole sessions before I would check up the meaning of “orthodox”. The whole sessions ended around 8PM and we were ushered to the dining room for another round of blessing!

We were about 6 ministers at the table, and we ate and discussed about the false religions that come in the name of Christianity. We talk about the Pentecostals as well. While we ate, each man began to share with us what he has encountered in the Pentecostal Movement. I then remembered “orthodox”! So I began sharing with them the experience I had on the way with a Pentecostal pastor. I also asked them if they knew the meaning of the word “orthodox”. As I shared the experience, we nearly laughed out our ribs out. An elderly minister there told me the word orthodox means those following the right way”, and we all laughed.

When I went back into the room, I decided to Google for the meaning of the word “orthodox” so as to be fully satisfied. I am always an inquisitive type who wants to know everything. Googling for the meaning of the word “orthodox”, I found several online dictionary and the definitions reads,

orthodox: (Adjective) 1.of or holding traditionally or generally accepted beliefs; 2. Conforming with accepted standards; 3. Following accepted customs and proprieties.

When I searched different online dictionaries, they defined the word in the same way. I laughed and rolled on the bed like a man that just won a contract! I said to myself, since the Pentecostals have rejected orthordox Christianity, they are going a different road than the apostles and early Christians followed. I couldn’t control my laughter as I recalled over and over again the event that had occurred on my way to Port-Harcourt! I said to myself, Abuoma, be very careful with the Pentecostals and the Charismatics because they will cause you to lose your salvation! They are UN-orthodox and they reject the true Holy Ghost of the bible. They are no better than the Roman Catholics and the Jehovah witnesses…”


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