Dreams are chaff, the Bible is wheat

One of the Charismatic strongholds in the hearts of men is dreams. Even when the Charismatic has been convinced of the futility of speaking in tongues, they hardly want to trust God’s word fully as their only guide in every area of their life. They still reason that dream is still one way of knowing God’s mind. By saying this, they are saying that God’s mind is not fully made known to us in the written word. Dreams can be a stronghold in one’s life. I know it because it was to me until God helped me out.

This is one of the email-letters I received from a Cessationist Pastor who has greatly influenced my Life. Those days I was still struggling to leave the Charismatic religion, I wrote to him on the subject of dreams, that it is still one of the ways God can communicate his mind to us today. He replied me and the reply was a great deliverance to me from the Charismatic lie and stronghold. If his reply helped me after wasting 8 whole years in the Charismatic movement, I believe it will help you, my reader.

Dear Abuoma,

Regarding dreams:

  1. You should memorise Jeremiah 23:28
  2. You should know that Paul did not use the word “dream” or “dreams”.
  3. You should know that Peter never wrote the word “dream” or “dreams”.
  4. You should know that John never wrote the word “dream” or “dreams”.
  5. Dreams cannot be trusted; so how can you know a true one.
  6. Once we have a perfect Scripture which can make us perfect (2 Timothy 3:16,17), there is no need of dreams.
  7. The only use of dream or dreams past Matthew 2 is Acts 2:17
  8. We know Acts 2:17 was fulfilled on Pentecost and shortly after.
  9. Dreams come through too much activities in your life (Ecclesiastes 5:3).
  10. Dreams cannot prove anything to anyone, for it is only a dream.
  11. God only directs us to his perfect word, not our dreams.
  12. God ridicules dreams in comparison to his word (Jer. 23:28).
  13. We calculate our business plans and submit to God’s will (James 4:13-15).
  14. We use godly and wise counselors, but we never trust dreams
  15. Dreams are used by the Charismatics because it cannot be proven.
  16. If I told you I had a dream, there is no way for me to prove it to you.
  17. If dreams are encouraged and exalted, men will reject you and the bible.
  18. The bible is able to make the man of God perfect (2 Timothy 3:16).
  19. We are to preach the word of God, not dreams (2 Timothy 4:2).
  20. False teachers teach dreams, otherwise known as fables (2 Timothy 4:3-4).
  21. The bible is more sure than God’s audible voice from heaven (2 Peter 1:16-19).

I’m just thinking out loud for a few minutes, son.

Love in Christ Jesus our Lord who answered the devil with “As it is written”, and not with dreams,

Jonathan Crosby.



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