You are welcome

Hello, my name is Abuoma Boanerges and this is my blog section. There are so many things the Lord has done for me which time will fail me to share with you. So I advise you first read my testimony on this website, and praise God with me.

The purpose of this blog is to share the gospel with you, and your comments are greatly welcome.

I was born and brought up a Pentecostal, and I continued in it for several years not knowing I was lost, but God miraculously saved me. You see, everyone believes they are saved even while they are still deceived. The Catholics believed they are saved, the Pentecostals believe they are saved, the Mormons believe they are saved, the Sabbatharians and the Jehovah Witnesses(who actually witness for Satan) believe they are saved. So everyone in his own opinion believes they are saved. That reminds me of the words of Jonathan Edwards who said “Ask the damned that are now in hell and they will answer you that they never thought they would end there.”

My beloved, by our natural birth we were admitted into the broad way that leads to destruction, and until the Lord opens our eyes to see this truth and be converted into the narrow way that leads to life, we would end up deceived.

This is the purpose of this blog: To confirm the saints, warn the unconverted, and to expose the counterfeit Christianity of this perilous times by which many souls have been deceived.

You are welcome.

For the cause of God and truth,

Abuoma Boanerges.


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